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Bacharach Inc.


is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and service of advanced test and measurement instrumentation.

 For over 100 years the Bacharach brand has served the HVAC/R industry with products made in the USA and designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 



The company’s extensive product line includes instruments that detect, measure and record combustion, refrigerant and environmental gases, temperature, humidity and other air quality and safety parameters.

 A full-line of refrigerant recovery equipment for residential, industrial and automotive applications further extends Bacharach’s family of products. 







Monicon Technology.


Is a key specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing gas detection equipment. Many innovative design concepts in conjunction with stringent quality control systems are used to produce instrumentation which is recognized worldwide by many of todays leading international chemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor companies.

Monicon products:


  • Gas Monitors

    • Single Channel,  4 Channels and Multi Channels.

  • Sensors & Transmitters

    • Combustible Sensors, Toxic Transmitter  &CO2 Monitoring Unit

  • Accessories








Over 20 years ago Calgaz introduced the four-in-one gas mixture.

Today it is the biggest selling product in the calibration gas industry.

In less than 20 years, the innovative team of professionals in our Cambridge, Maryland, facility has been awarded eight patents with three more pending.

Clagaz produce: 


  • Regulators

    • The regulator, or gas delivery system, is crucial in providing the correct amount of gas to the instrument. This ensures an accurate bump testing and calibration.

  • Cylinders

    • Cylinders are helium leak checked using a mass spectrometer

  • Cases

    • These self-contained kits are safely and easily transported. Each heavy-duty, impact-resistant plastic case may contain one or two non-refillable cylinders, one or two regulators, and appropriate tubing

  • Recycling Kit

    • As part of our continued commitment to the community and the environment, Calgaz has always promoted recycling of the cylinder material. As a demonstration of that commitment we have introduced a Recycling Kit. The Recycling Kit consists of this special patented recycle tool with instructions and safety glasses.

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